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Various Types of Rail Clips for Rail Fastening System

Various Types <b>of Rail</b> <b>Clips</b> for <b>Rail</b> <b>Fastening</b> System

Rail Clips Rail elastic clip is used to fasten the rails to the underlying base plate together with the concrete sleeper. Usually rail clips are made of forged spring steel which is produced by hot forging process. Because of the uniform microstructure of forged clips, it is considered to be better than other metal forming process.

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As a leading manufacturer and supplier of railroad fasteners, AGICO supplies many kinds of high-quality standard rail clips, such as: E clips (E1609, E1809, E1817, E2007, E2009, E2055,etc), SKL tension clamps (SKL1, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14, SKL75, etc), PR rail clips, Nabla clips, gauge lock clip and Deenik clip, etc.

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rail clip. The rail elastic clips are used with railway sleeper to fasten rails on both sides. The rail clips are usually made of forged spring steel, which are manufactured by hot forging process. The forged rail clips are considered to be better than other metal forming process due to most uniform microstructure. Rail clips processing procedures

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The elastic clip fastening system is made up of elastic clip, insulator, e clip type baseplate or shoulder and a rail pad. The elastic fastening system can be supplied in a complete assembling, one complete consists the following items: 2 elastic rail clip + 2 insulator +2 shoulder (1 baseplate) + 1 rail pad More information about the item: Elastic rail clip: We produce various elastic rail clip from diameter 12mm to 20mm.

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Railroad Bolts & Clips Ordering Guide RAILROAD BOLTS North American Rail Products can supply the railroad industry with track bolts, hook bolts, hex bolts, oval neck bolts, diamond neck bolts and square head bolts.

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limit the rotation of the rail about the outer edges of the rail foot. minimise longitudinal movement of rails through creep and thermal forces. assist in retention of track gauge. not cause damage to the rail. Where practicable, rail fastenings shall either be self-tensioning or permit tightening of the fastening...

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