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FAQ | All Valley Sand and Gravel Inc.

<b>FAQ</b> | All Valley Sand and Gravel Inc.

We sell our products in units of metric tons. One ton is 2,000 lbs. One cubic yard is approximately 1.5 tons for most materials. Max load for a truck and trailer is 25 tons, or about 16.5 cubic yards.

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We sell our material by the cubic yard so we can assure the best prices for our customers. Feel free to browse our wide selection of materials. If you're not sure what color or type of mulch or stone you need, stop by our garden center and see our display, where you can compare mulch side-by-side. Mulch 3 CY's=1 Ton Max Load Per Truck= 30 CY

sp.info Stone Material Calculators - Stone Plus, Inc.

There is about 15 cubic feet in a ton of building stone or flagstone so divide the cubic footage by 15 to determine the quantity of stone needed in tons Example: A 20' long stacked stone wall that is 1' thick and 2' tall

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JMJ Landscape Supply Center in Lynchburg, VA charges $65 a ton for 1/4"-1/2" brown pea stone and $99.50 a ton for 1/2" earth rose crushed stone; delivery within a 10-mile radius is $55 per trip. A cubic yard of gravel (weighing roughly 1.2 to 1.7 tons) costs about $10-$90 or more if hauled away by the customer, or $20-$120 or more

Electric Hoists - MSC Industrial Supply

Electric Hoists - MSC Industrial Supply

Find Electric Hoists at MSC Industrial Supply, serving the metalworking, safety, and MRO industries for over 75 years

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VSU 1 Ton Load Carrying Capacity D-Shackles Pin Type (Red) by VSU. Rs. 63 / Piece ... A D shackle is a material handling device shaped like the smallest round of a chain and equipped with a pin like enclosure—which may or may not be threaded. Also commonly referred to as a chain shackle, a D-shackle has a sturdy construction that helps it ...


material. • Do not swivel the S-322 hook while it is sup- ... 5-3 5 Hoist hooks incorporate markings forged into the product which address two (2) QUIC- ... load) is 4.5 times Working Load Limit. Alloy Shank Hooks 1 ton thru 22 ton—average straightening load (ultimate load) is 5 times the Working Load Limit. ...

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Manufacturer of Electric Forklift - Godrej 1.5 to 3 Ton Electric Forklifts -Neo, Godrej 0.8 and 1.2 Ton Three Wheel Electric Forklifts, Godrej 1.5 and 4 Ton Electric Forklifts - Bravo and Godrej 5 Ton Electric Forklift -Bravo offered by Godrej Material Handling (Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd.), Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Wire Rope Load Limits - Certified Slings & Supply

<b>Wire Rope Load Limits</b> - Certified Slings & Supply

Rated load based on pin diameter no larger than one half the natural eye length or not less than the nominal sling diameter. Basket hitch capacity based on minimum D/d ratio of 25/1.

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So if I only needed to get 5 yards, I would tell them to load me with 7 tons of material at 1.4 tons to the yard. You also need to know this for pricing to your customers if selling by the yard. Say that ton of gravel costs $6 a ton, your cost would be per yard would be $8.40.

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Graded surge crushed stone that is 4 to 10 inches in diameter is an erosion controller like riprap and is also used in creek banks and large storm drain lines. One of the biggest sizes available is crushed stone #1, which ranges from 2 to 4 inches in diameter. This stone is used in very large excavating jobs such as culvert installations.

sp.info Material Weights - Harmony Sand and Gravel

Most of Harmony Sand & Gravel’s products will weight approximately 2,840 pounds per cubic yard or about 1.42 tons per cubic yard. For estimating purposes, most Contractor’s consider the yield to be 3,000 pounds per cubic yard or 1.5 tons per cubic yard.

Construction Materials - Vulcan Materials Company

<b>Construction Materials</b> - Vulcan <b>Materials</b> Company

Use this calculator to estimate the quantity of Construction Aggregates needed for your particular job, based on width, length, thickness, and product density.

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Material Handling Hoisting Equipment Manual Hoists ... Whether you need to lift a load as light as 500 lb. or as heavy as 30 tons, you’ll find a manually operated chain hoist here that can help you handle it. Army type hoists help you maneuver heavy loads in tight spaces.

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The CM Hoist CBT Trolley features steel wrap around side plates, dual tread wheels and lifetime lubricated shielded ball bearings in a plain or geared trolleys.

sp.info Crane Comp Drawings and Spec CSL-1002-0407

1/2-10 TON SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITY: 1/2-10 Metric Ton SERVICE CLASS: Meets the duty requirements of ... wheel load is determined in accordance with CMAA Specification No. 74, dated 2000. One Pair of End Trucks Rated Load ... 5-1/2 - 6 446353-01 8 16500 4' - 6" 1366

Material Coverage & Conversion Chart - Front Range Material

<b>Material Coverage & Conversion Chart</b> - Front Range <b>Material</b>

Material Coverage & Conversion Chart All rock products, rip rap, boulders and soils are sold by the ton. All mulches and plant mixes are sold by cubic yard. 1 Ton/Cy of the material listed below at a 3" depth will cover square feet Concrete Sand 86 Sq. Ft. Squeege 83 Sq. Ft. Pea Gravel 83 Sq. Ft.

sp.info Specifications for Hoists andTrolleys - cmworks.com

39501NH9505NHRT 5.5 1 3 158 158 3-9508NHRRT11.02 3 — 162 Single Speed 15' Lift ... 1/8 TO 3 TONS FABRIC CHAIN CONTAINER & RIGID HOOK SUSPENSION ... LIFETIME WARRANTY The industry’s best warranty against manufacturing and material defects. METRIC RATED CSA/US National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) MADE IN THE USA STANDARD FEATURES ...

sp.info Engine powered forklift 1.5 - 3.5 ton

Engine powered forklift 1.5 - 1.75 ton Truck specifications 02-8FGF15 02-8FDF15 02-8FGF18 02-8FDF18 Identification ... 1.5 Load capacity/rated load Q kg 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 1.6 Load centre c mm 500 500 500 500 500 1.8 Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork x mm 430 430 470 470 470

sp.info RUD "VLBS" & "VLBSU" Weld On Load Rings, Swivel Lifting ...

RUD "VLBS" & "VLBSU" Weld On Load Rings, Swivel Lifting Eye - Range from 1.5 to 16 tonne; RUD "VLBS" & "VLBSU" Weld On Load Rings, Swivel Lifting Eye - Range from 1.5 to 16 tonne ... The material construction to which the lifting point will be attached should be of adequate strength to withstand forces during lifting without deformation. The ...

About how much dirt would I be able to move in a day with ...

<b>About how much dirt would</b> I be able to move in a day with ...

About how much dirt would I be able to move in a day with a Bobcat? Thread starter mugs; Start date May 26, 2008; ... Ball Diamond Clay 1 YD = 1.5 ton Brick Materials 1 YD = 1.3 ton . mugs Lifer. Apr 29, 2003 48,903 9 81. May 26, 2008 ... you SHOULD be able to move the first pile before they get back with the second load.

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1 Winches and High Capacity Hoists Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies provides products, services and solutions ... Our diverse and innovative products range from complete compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and environmentally friendly microturbines. We also enhance productivity through solutions ...

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Due to the varying sizes and haul capacities of dump trucks, load sizes vary greatly and can range from a few cubic yards to hundreds of cubic yards, depending on the truck in question and the material being hauled. Typically, a tandem dump truck can hold up to 18 cubic yards of material.

sp.info Crushed Stone: Determing Yards Per Ton - braenstone.com

Tons are a weight measure. To make matters even more confusing is the fact that determining yards per ton is anything but an exact science. The weight of crushed stone in pounds per cubic yards and tons per cubic yards are approximate measures that assume all of the same material weighs the same. Calculations Yards Per Ton for Crushed Stone

Press Brake Tonnage Table from American Machine Tools

<b>Press Brake Tonnage Table</b> from American Machine Tools

Press Brake Tonnage Table Approximate pressure in Tons per Linear Foot Required to Make 90° Air Bend on Mild Steel (without fully bottoming the top die into the bottom die). Click for chart of tensile strengths for aluminum and stainless steel to compare with mild steel. Click for a Bend Radius Chart for aluminum and stainless steel for recommended minimum bend radii.

sp.info LIFTCHAIN® Air Hoists - Ingersoll Rand Products

1.5 to 100 ton lifting capacity View all models 1.5 to 100 metric ton Lifting Capacity Featuring a compact, robust and modular design, the LIFTCHAIN® hoists offer a range of capacities from 1.5 to 100 metric tons with a variety of configurations including hook mount or with plain, geared, or motorized trolleys for mounting on jibs or beams.

sp.info 5/8" Galvanized Screw Pin Anchor Shackle - 3.25 Ton

Description. These galvanized screw pin anchor shackles are priced to move. Made of galvanized steel, the anchor shackle is a tough and durable accessory for nylon slings, as well as polyester slings.Paired with a lifting sling, they help protect the eyes of your sling from wear and tear on clevis hooks.They come in various sizes and strengths ranging from 3/16" - 2-1/2" and 1/3 Ton - 55 Ton.

sp.info Rotating Dollies and Skates for Confined Spaces by JUNG ...

Each Dolly: 1.5 tons (3,000 lbs) 3.3" Wheels (4.3" Dolly Height) ... Toolwell is the exlusive manufacturer's representative for JUNG load moving equipment in North America. Please call us for sales and support, including same day shipping of parts and equipment from our US warehouses. Home;

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