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Welding Rod Electrode Selection Chart - Welding Hub

<b>Welding Rod Electrode Selection Chart</b> - <b>Welding</b> Hub

An electrode or a welding rod is a wire which is made up of wire and is coated. The electrode is made up of materials which are similar to that of the metals chosen to be welded. Among all the other types of welding, the stick electrode welding is considered to be portable, simple and reliable.

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A number of factors come into play when selecting a shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) electrode for carbon steels. SMAW electrodes are consumables that serve multiple purposes, providing both filler metal and flux.


Rutile coated electrode for welding corrosion-proof austenitic steels with especially low carbon content for service temperatures from -120°C to 350°C. Approvals: TÜV, DB, Ü 4316 MPR is a high-performance electrode with a recovery of 160%.

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Welding of T-1 steels can also be done with other processes such as SMAW, FCAW and GTAW. Pay attention to design requirements and use the right classification of filler metal. Always use filler metals that can provide a low hydrogen deposit. Adequate welding procedure; The adequate preheat is usually recommended by the manufacturer of the steel.

Welding Electrode: Chart and Selection - Weld Guru

<b>Welding Electrode</b>: Chart and Selection - Weld Guru

The welding electrode identification system for stainless steel arc welding is set up as follows: E indicates electrode for arc welding. The first three digits indicated the American Iron and Steel type of stainless steel. The last two digits indicate the current and position used.

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Carbon Steel Electrodes. A very prominent sector of this product group is the rutile “13” type coated electrodes. The Selectrode Research and Development team has spent many years making test comparisons comparing our 6013 electrode to all of the top rated brands in the market worldwide.

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