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Galvanized steel (GI) pipes; Stoneware pipes; Asbestos Cement (AC) pipes; Concrete pipes; 1. Cast Iron Pipes. Cast iron pipes and fitting are primarily used for designing of soil and rain water disposal systems. These pipes are made by the sand cast process or by spinning. Sand cast pipes are made by pouring molten cast iron into vertically mounted sand moulds.

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1. Galvanized corrugated steel pipe M-36 A760M 2. Polymeric pre-coated sewer and drainage pipe M-245 A762M 3. Aluminized Type 2 corrugated steel pipe M-274 A760M 4. Structural plate pipe M-167 A761M Cold Applied Mastic or coal tar base coatings of various viscosities for field M-243 A849 Bituminous or shop coating of corrugated pipe or structural plate.

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Both types of pipe have smooth interiors for excellent carrying capacity of solid waste matter. The smooth exteriors also help resist root anchorage. Plastic sewer pipe is usually the material of choice for do-it-yourselfers since it is lightweight, easy to cut, inexpensive, and available at all home centers.

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Rivet nut is a kind of fastener for various types of metal plates,pipe and etc. It's widely used in the equipment of bikes, car, plane, public transport, ele... Skip navigation

What is rivet? What are main types of rivets? - mech4study

What is <b>rivet? What are main types of rivets</b>? - mech4study

Today I am going to tell you about what is rivet and types of rivets. We know that in a machine or in a structure, many small components are jointed together by some of mean. The design of joints is as well as important like machine because any loose joint may cause of failure during operation.

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Fittings have a socket-connect end that welds to pipe with cement, or a theaded end that threads onto pipe with a thread sealant. These types of connections are stronger than barbed connections and can handle pressures up to 1, 000 psi.

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