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SNH(SN)Series Triple-Effect Concentrator (Auto Drainage) Hot Reflux Extraction Concentrator; Vacuum Relief Concentrator; Spherical Concentrator; B N Vacuum Concentrating Pan With Coilers; ZGB Type Series Scraped Film Evaporator; Forced Circulation Evaporator/Forced Circling Evaporator; JH Series Alcohol Recycle Tower


Z = Z Series. Unit Type . G = Packaged Gas Heat w/ Electric Cooling . Nominal Cooling Capacity - Tons. 092 = 7.5 Tons 102 = 8.5 Tons 120 = 10 Tons 150 = 12.5 Tons Cooling Efficiency. S = Standard Efficiency. Refrigerant Type. 4 = R-410A. Heating Type . S = Standard Gas Heat, 2 Stage M = Medium Gas Heat, 2 Stage H = High Gas Heat, 2 Stage. Minor Design Sequence

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A climbing/falling film plate evaporator is a specialized type of evaporator in which a thin film of liquid is passed over a rising and falling plate to allow the evaporation process to occur. It is an extension of the falling film evaporator , and has application in any field where the liquid to be evaporated cannot withstand extended exposure to high temperatures, such as the concentration of fruit juices.

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Used- Groen Series 696 Thin Film Type Heat Exchanger / Evaporator/ Concentrator, Model E-696, 304 Stainless Steel. Approximately 22.5 square feet, rated 115 psi at 353 degrees F. Approximately 6" diameter product annulus x approximately 96" long. Tri-clamp inlet/outlet. Side mounting brackets.

Evaporators - Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering

<b>Evaporators</b> - Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering

Short tube vertical evaporators are the oldest type of evaporators in use today. Short-tube vertical evaporators operate in the same way as climbing film long-tube vertical evaporators. Feed enters the evaporator and is heated. Vapor is recovered at the top, and remaining liquor collected at the bottom or recycled.

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Remove your evaporator without the tedious and long process of removing your dashboard.

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The ENVIDEST MVR FF is falling film vacuum evaporator with forced circulation by means of mechanical vapour compression. The application of the falling film optimises heat exchange and achieves lower energy consumption. Vacuum is maintained around 700 mbar and evaporor at temperature rises up to 90 ºC.

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APV 2 Effect Rising Falling Film Plate Evaporator. This is a two effect rising/falling film plate evaporator complete on stainless steel skid with stainless shell and tube condenser, all pumps, preheater, controls and electrical.

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Wiped <b>Film</b> <b>Evaporator</b> –WFE - webpages.sdsmt.edu

In essence, the Pfaudler Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE) is designed to continuously separate volatile compounds by introducing a mechani-cally agitated, thin film of feed material to a heated surface. The short residence time allows for efficient and reliable processing of a wide variety of high-boiling, heat-sensitive and/or viscous products.

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ZGB Z-Series™ Rooftop Units 60 HZ Bulletin No. ZGB-036-074 (2/2019) ... Z G B 060 S 4 B S 1 Y Brand/Family Z = Z-Series™ Unit Type G = Packaged Gas Heat w/ Electric Cooling Major Design Sequence 2 = 2nd Revision A = 1st Generation 3 = 3rd Revision B = 2nd Generation ... evaporator coil and losing capacity. Designed for use in ambient

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single effect evaporator system and if more than one evaporator is used in series for the concentration of any solution, it is called a multiple effect evaporator system. Unlike single-stage evaporators, these evaporators can be made of up to seven evaporator stages or effects.

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Heat Transfer Coefficient in Falling Film Evaporators With Different Tube Arrangements. However, the impact of the inlet steam velocity on the K is less significant. The K in the evaporator with rotated square-pitch arrangement is supreme. Furthermore, space distribution of local overall heat transfer coefficient K̃ in the evaporators is also...



WATER AND WASTE WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES– Multi-Effect Distillation(MED) – Raphael Semiat ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) seawater temperature used for cooling the water. The product water is the condensate that accumulates from stage to stage. A vacuum pump/compressor is used to maintain

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This type of evaporator is generally made of 4–8 m (13–26 ft) tubes enclosed by steam jackets. The uniform distribution of the solution is important when using this type of evaporator. The solution enters and gains velocity as it flows downward.


film evaporator unit as part of a raw house evaporator first ... The vessel design chosen is a falling-film type with an ... given in Figure I and Table 2. The unit is installed to operate in series after the existing first vessel Kestners on the juice side but in parallel on the


introduce a proprietary falling-film evaporator design that helps not only operate more efficiently, but also allows us to reduce our refrigerant charges up to 30% beyond conven - tional chiller designs. The YK chiller is also designed for efficient performance to reduce the indirect effect. The

Helical-coil Heat Exchanger Application in Falling Film ...

Helical-coil Heat Exchanger Application in Falling <b>Film</b> ...

of this falling film evaporator is 173 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to maximize the efficiency of evaporation process, the liquid product needs to be heated to 168 degrees Fahrenheit prior to entering the evaporator body. Heat exchange with steam in a shell and tube heat exchanger is applied to heat the pre-heated liquid product. This process

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If you no longer have access with this institution, try logging in with your ACS ID. Type part of your institution name for a list of matches. If your institution is not listed, please contact your librarian. No institution has been found Unable to find the university or organization name. Please ...


b) Falling film evaporators: The liquid is fed by the upper side of the tubes, flowing through their inner surface as a thin film. Vapor-liquid separation occu rs at the bottom end. This type is commonly used to concentrate heat-sensitive materials with a high heat transfer coefficient. c) Agitated thin film evaporator:

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Multiple-effect evaporator consists of several pressure vessels arranged in parallel and in series (Lewis et al., 2010). Each of the vessels in the parallel arrangement is designed to operate at the same pressure, whereas vessels in series are designed to operate at decreasing pressures. Multiple-effect evaporator can be operated in three modes.

US3165452A - Submerged combustion and flash evaporation ...

US3165452A - <b>Submerged combustion and flash evaporation</b> ...

from the last evaporator in the series. In the preferred operation of the invention the feed United States Patent 6 ice j This invention relates to a new and improved evaporator and a new and improved method or process for the evaporation of liquids.

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The pressure drop for each fluid may be determined from: 4 fL 1 p K V 2 (54) Dh 2 However, care must be taken to understand the nature of the flow, i.e. series, parallel, or series-parallel. 6.2 Shell and Tube Exchangers Shell and tube heat exchangers are widely used as power condensers, oil coolers, preheaters, and steam generators.

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Design Considerations for Air-Conditioning Evaporator and Condenser Coils.- Hygroscopic Film Condenser-Evaporator Heat Cycle.- Design of Compact and Enhanced Heat Exchangers for Liquid-Vapor Phase-Change Applications.- Cooling Towers.- Gas-Solid Heat Exchangers.- Fluid Dynamic Design of Heat Exchanger Safety Devices. Series Title:

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